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Original setup as a Facebook Group on 6th November 2016. The General Motors Classic Owners Group was initially setup allow Vauxhall, Bedford and Opel Clubs to have a open forum for support for each other and there vehicles. However there are a lot of other General Motors brands old and new which are still owned by General Motors or have been sold of and do not have a coordinating body. With this in mind we have broadened the scope of the General Motors Classic Owners Group to cover all the brands that have been or still are part of General Motors since 1908 these being but not exclusive to:- Vauxhall Opel Bedford Holden Chevrolet Daewoo Cadillac Buick Izuzu Pontiac Oldsmobile Hummer GMC GM There are many clubs for these marques in the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide and no coordinating body for the clubs hence the creation of this group. The aim of the group is unite all GM brand clubs, act as a liaison on vehicle matters between the clubs that are associated with the General Motors Classic Owners Group and the relevant brands should they still exist. Along with liaising with associations like the FHVC and FIVA. If your club is interested in becoming affiliated with the General Motors Classic Owners Group please click on the membership page which contains details on how to be come associated to the group. Affiliation to the Group is open to all owners clubs for any General Motors Marque. Private individual association of the group is also accepted, details of which can be found on the Membership page. The General Motors Classic Owners Group are pleased to be proud supporters of Vauxfest. The event is a open to individual entry’s only (no club stands are permitted but you can turn up in a group at the same time and part together). More details can be found on www.vauxfest.co.uk Other events to follow.
What is the General Motors Classic Owners Group?
Supports:. GMCOG facilities an open forum of support for each member of the group and there vehicles.
Preserves: We promote preservation of historic vehicles, through fostering links between GMCOG members.
Promotes: We promote historic vehicle culture through communication and active support of enthusiasts.